Company: Chemonics International Inc
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Deadline: Thursday, 27th/March/2014


Implemented by Chemonics International Inc, the USAID/Uganda feed the future enabling environment for Agriculture (EEA) project is a three year activity that seeks to provide technical support towards increasing the value of agricultural production and trade and improve resilience to climate change by increasing the capacity of counterparts in Uganda to identify and address high-return policy and regulatory priorities. The activity will contribute to achieving USAID Feed the future’s twin objectives of reducing poverty and under-nutrition by advancing reforms in agricultural development, trade policy and regulations.

The expected results of the Activity include:

  • The removal of policy and regulatory constraints to agricultural production, processing, marketing and trade.
  • Improved capacity of Ugandan government institutions to facilitate agricultural development and trade.
  • Improved capacity of Ugandan government institutions to respond to the impact of climate change
  • Improved capacity of private sector and civil society organizations to contribute to policy decisions related to agriculture, trade, and climate change adaptation.

To deliver on the abe mandate, EEA is calling for expressions of interest (EOI) from suitably qualified consultancy firms who may be interest in conducting various assignments under Fixed Price Subcontracts.

Submission of EOI
Interested firms are requested to submit a written response in Microsoft Word (PDF files will be accepted), using 12 point font, of not more than five (5) pages highlighting the following:

  • Description of the organization’s capabilities and expertise in the following sectors: agricultural finance, agricultural trade policy, climate change adaptation, agricultural inputs, capacity and institution building and assessments, policy-making, advocacy, association management. Any previous experience working in these sectors within the coffee, maize, and beans value chains is preferable and should be highlighted.
  • Description of the organization’s previous experience with USAID-funded projects or similar donors: for instance DFID, DANIDA, the EU, World Bank etc. Interested firms should also provide details about the nature of work executed, duration of assignment, total value of all such contracts, and the name and contact details of the donor project manager.
  • Proof of legal registration under the laws of Uganda and evidence of a local presence in Uganda. In support of this, interested firms should provide copies of the relevant documents, for instance: registration or incorporation in the public registry, or equivalent document from the relevant government office: company tax registration, or equivalent document; trade license, or equivalent document.

Terms and Conditions
This is an Expression of Interest only. Issuance of this EOI does not in any way obligate chemonics, the enabling environment for agriculture activity, or USAID to award a subcontract or pay for costs incurred by potential subcontractors in the preparation and submission of any EOI.

The expressions of interest may be submitted in the format prescribed above not later 5:00pm East Africa Standard Time on Thursday, 27th/March/2014 via email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .