If there is one person enjoying running through the skirts of female singers like lightening that is little known Dembe FM’s Jacob Omutuze.

Not long ago, the presenter of the Namuwongo based station was busy throwing love everywhere especially at upcoming singer Naira Ali.

Former lands minister in the Obote two regime Amon Bazira’s Son who is also the editor in chief at TV Afrika kampala Daniel Kashagama Imara has been chosen by the council of accession from Busongora Heritage kingdom as the care taker of the throne.

Award winning Ugandan musician Eddy Kenzo has announced the death of Alex Sitya Loss, the young boy who featured in his hit music video Sitya Loss with the kids dance crew.
Alex was riding a bicycle with Patricia behind which lost breaks and they fell in a trench, where they suffered injuries that led blood flow to Alex’s brain hence his death.