Three years ago, Zziwa Micheal and Ziggy Dee, brothers to Mokee Harris set the LIVEWIRE RECORDINGS studio and immediately signed Mokee Harris to a recording deal. Shortly after, his debut solo studio tracks was Ebbaluwa and Your Name (featuring Mr.X) hit the air waves. He then recordorded his third studio track alongsude, Debra titled So Amazing.

On his fourth studio track, She's so Beautiful, Harris hooked up with his longtime music partner Fysh and Lethal, surprisingly it became his first major radio hit. "I will never forget that day, at my Friends house, I was listening to Sanyu Fm in the Evening then I heard my song playing, I jumped up and started screaming, I almost cried because hearing my voice on radio was amazing" That's when when Harris thought of recording a full Album.

Shortly after, he started working on his first album, MEET HARRIS. Weeks later She's so Beautiful made it's way to EAST AFRICA'S FINEST COUNTDOWN on Sanyu Fm and stayed at the top of the charts for a long time week. Harris then sxcored himself his very first interview on radio on Sanyu Fm. During this time She's so Beautiful found it's way to HOT100 fm and started getting heavy rotation and Harris was called for his second radio interview on HOT100 fm. In the middle of all this Harris and Fysh formed V.M.G,

a music label and an imprint under Livewire Records and in March 2008 signed King Artha the winner of the All School Hip Hop and R*B Battle and he started works on his first studio track Lil'Momma featuring Harris A few months later King Artha formed K Struggle an imprint under V.M.G and signed Konjo Mc. After 22 months of hadr work, MEET HARRIS, Harris's debut album was released under his newly formed then Sidewalks Music Entertainment which had replaced V.M.G. It featured 20 songs. A Hip Hop and R*B collection.

In August 2008, Harris started recording singles for his second studio Album and they included Rendezvous, Winter's Gone and I Wish, surprisingly Rendezvous found it's way to HOT100 fm's weekly countdown in October and made it's way to 5 and stayed on the countdown for four months. In Feb 2009 Harris started lookin for titles to his second Album and for a while he picked on THE HARRISPHERE to represent Harris's Music Atmosphere but everything changed in May 2009 when Harris did Re-Branding on everything in his world to make it easy for his fans to get to him worldwide.

The re-branding included a name change from Just Harris to MOKEE HARRIS and his record label changed from Sidewalks music to KEEBOY an imprint on Livewire Recordings and he says also the title to his upcoming second studio Album has changed, to be announced soon. He has also been working on a T-Shirt line with King Artha and Konjo Mc called WAND that's already in stores. In June 2009, Mokee Harris topped the Reverbnation R*B charts for Kampala Daydream a song off Meet Harris and features Fysh making his first online 1 song ever.