• Peeping bra straps crash your look. Some women are so busy that they don’t replenish their underwear. It is pathetic for you to wear a bra that has long lost its elasticity.
  • When going for low cut outfits, make sure your breasts are not spilling over. If half of the breast is overflowing, look for something that fits, otherwise, you risk stepping out topless.
  • Trousers that are so tight that they curve out your precious parts in a triangular shape for the world to see don’t favor your look at all. Leave a little bit of mystery to your dress with the way you dress.

Since jewellery says a lot about your social status and style, it is advisable that you choose and wear it right. Here are a few pointers.

  • Never wear a necklace when wearing a halter neck outfit. It does not work, at all.
  • Avoid wearing elaborate necklaces when the outfit's neckline is rich with embroidered design.
  • The beauty of both the necklace and outfit disappear.
  • Studs are great for simplicity. They are available in different colours around town, so stock up on a variety.
  • Studs are also fabulous for business presentations because they draw attention away from your body, meaning you will capture the people's attention better.
  • Studs do not go out of fashion, so you can wear them over and over again.
  • It is good to buy sets of jewellery, like a matching necklace, bracelet, earrings and brooch. But if they are large and noticeable, do not wear the whole set at the same time or you will look overdressed.
  • Chunky is good, but wearing two or three necklaces at a go is an overkill. And, it makes one look cheap.
  • Do you have a long neck? Invest in chokers as they will help you show off the beauty of your neck.
  • Wear an elaborate necklace when you have a simple and plain outfit on. It will liven up your look.

It's amazing how a shawl still remains stylish no matter the weather. Be it during the cold, hot or warm season. Shawls or scarves come in different designs, colors as well as materials. There are cashmere shawls which are woolen, soft and airy, Cotton ones which are mixed together with wool, silk and cotton. You can get a pashmina shawl depending on the occasion or weather.

For a sun-drenched day, silk, satin and cotton scarves are a perfect selection. For drizzly or chilly days like has been the case lately, a cotton, hand loom cashmere pashmina shawl will come in handy. When draped over your shoulders, upper body and around your neck, it makes you feel warm. A collar shoulder wrap or full shoulder wrap will do therefore. This style will keep your arms and shoulders warm.