It's amazing how a shawl still remains stylish no matter the weather. Be it during the cold, hot or warm season. Shawls or scarves come in different designs, colors as well as materials. There are cashmere shawls which are woolen, soft and airy, Cotton ones which are mixed together with wool, silk and cotton. You can get a pashmina shawl depending on the occasion or weather.

For a sun-drenched day, silk, satin and cotton scarves are a perfect selection. For drizzly or chilly days like has been the case lately, a cotton, hand loom cashmere pashmina shawl will come in handy. When draped over your shoulders, upper body and around your neck, it makes you feel warm. A collar shoulder wrap or full shoulder wrap will do therefore. This style will keep your arms and shoulders warm.

Color was a magnificent creation. It makes our world lively, motivates, defines and speaks more meaningfully than words. Pink is arguably the most feminine color there is. It is also a color that has been out for a awhile but is now the hottest new color around! So it is time to shine and frolic again in pink.

Since pink is a very versatile color, one you can have anything in pink; pink shoes, pink tops, pink pants, pink coats, pink dresses (make sure the dress is soft, and of a flow-y/float-y material) and skirts and pink accessories. Oh, and pink bags (these match perfectly with whites) too of course.

The greatest thing about this color is that it looks beautiful on anyone. It brings out one's skin tone. If you take a moment to observe, you will notice that celebrities are also embracing this trend. Look at how Nicki Minaj rocks pink! She makes wearing pink look so easy and flawless, that anyone can pull it off.

So, whatever you may decide to add to your wardrobe, do not forget the most important color, pink. Let us have fun with pink and use it to the maximum.