Looking good is a confidence booster and it is also another way of relaxing. So, enjoy these seven beauty tips throughout the week;

Pamper those nails

A manicure or pedicure is a lovely way of taking care of your nails. Give your nails a punch of style by wearing nail colour that is deep; like the dramatic deep red. Dark shades are also an option to pull off.

Give them a soak

Maintain sponges and brushes you use to apply your makeup clean. Once or twice, wash them to unclog the germs they could have. Ensure that the brushes and sponges dry properly before the next use.

Scrub off that dirt

For a clear complexion, rid your face of facial grime and dirt by using a scrub twice a week. It is best to scrub after a soak in the bath when the skin is supple. Use gentle out-ward circular movements, avoiding the eye area.

Walking out of a popular night club in Kampala, my friends and I could not help but notice a young lady on top of a car, clearly drunk, dancing away with a beer bottle in her hand. She was having the time of her life shouting and screaming without a care in the world as a group of girls cheered her on.

As we headed to our next destination we wondered, could we Ugandan women be turning into wild party animals? But we were just out having a few drinks, nothing wild. It is all just a bit of fun, going out and having a good time but what happens when the fun gets out of hand?

Over the years we have heard numerous stories about Hollywood party girls like Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Baines, Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson constantly checking in and out of rehab as a result of their extremely wild party lifestyles. The stars of Hollywood are a world apart from us, but are our very own Ugandan women on this destructive trail?

Many women have confessed to being taken up by the party lifestyle to the extent where they feel that their lives have literally passed them by. Their peers of the same age are now married, have families, built careers and stable businesses, yet they are still at square all in the name of having fun.

It may look like just another verandah, but, a covered porch can be much more than the small space in front of your door. Not just the place where you and your visitors leave your shoes. Make it a place to come out on moonlit nights to do an occasional supper.

Make it a comfortable scene of indoor games like ludo, chess, etc. accessorize with a checkered table top that is a table as well as a chess/draughts board.

Accessorize with comfy wicker chairs spruced up with colorful cushions and throws if it is walled in on at least two sides, either by a half wall or full wall.
Potted plants and creepers look exaggerated and alive. Fragrant plants like some herbs (rosemary, lemon grass) improve the ambience. They also can be used for cooking and herbal medicine.