Kaijanabyo, a priest at Fort Portal Diocese died on Wednesday morning at Virika Hospital after he succumbed to stroke which had troubled him for a long time.

He was a member of the National Symbol Committee that selected Uganda's National Anthem, Uganda’s National Flag and Uganda’s Court of Arms in 1962.

According to Rev Father Venansio Busobozi, the Chancellor Fort Portal Diocese, Kaijanabyo beat two others on what would be Uganda’s Motto on Independence in 1962.

“Three teams were commissioned to get the Moto, they included the Anglican, Muslim and the Catholics led by Father Kaijanabyo, his went through and it is now that we pride in,” Busobozi said

At the time of formulating the Uganda Motto, Kaijanabyo was working at the Catholic Secretariat in Kampala.
Kaijanabyo who has been the longest serving priest and oldest in the Western Ecclesiastical Province is remembered for founding a number of catholic institutions ranging from schools, parishes among others.

He is the founder of Kasese Parish, now Kasese Diocese. In 1965 he found St Mary’s Seminary in Fort Portal.

Kaijanabyo is also remembered for being a great researcher who dwelt a lot on the Uganda Martyrs history.
“He has been an encyclopedia of the Uganda Martrys history, 60% of the information we have about the Uganda Martyrs is his input,” Busobozi said

He published several books, but famous among them is one called Enfumu za Toro na Bunyoro published in 1951.
Born on December 8, 1917, to Yozefu Ruguguza and Christine Ndabisika of Kitaihuka in Katooke Sub County Kyenjojo district, Kainanabyo was ordined priest on December 11, 1949 at Butiti Catholic Parish.

He finished his primary education in Mwenge from 1929 to 1933. From 1933 to 1939 he attended Bukalasa Seminary and later joined Katigondo in 1940 where he finished in 1949.
Kaijanabyo served in various parishes in western Uganda, which include Rugazi in Rubirizi district, Butiti and Virika, Lwera in Ntugamo district, Nsenyi in Kasese district, Munteme in Kibale district among others.

He also started the Uganda Martyrs shrine at Katoosa Parish in Kyenjojo district where he requested to be buried.
Kaijanabyo retired from service in 1997, but remained active in the field of research which loved so much.
Father Busobozi described Kaijanabyo as a great founder of many churches, a man of prayer who loved his ministry and a great admirer of Pope John Paul II.

“I’ve lived with him for eight years, he is a man of strong faith, brave deeply spiritual. He loved joking and whenever you would be with him you wouldn’t miss laughing,” Busobozi said

Burial is not yet established but most likely he will be buried in Katosa Parish because of his attachment with the Uganda Martyrs.

The retired Bishop of Hoima diocese Edward Baharagate said the deceased has been a person who loves development and his religion.