Excitement As Mountain Gorilla Gives Birth In BwindiOne of the mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has given birth to a healthy baby gorilla among the Bushasho Group in Nkuringo. This new birth comes at a time when there was significant concern about the diminishing numbers in the total gorilla population.

According to Uganda Wildlife Authority, giving a name to the newly born gorilla will depend on how it behaves in the coming days and how it responds to tourists and other gorillas.

Mountain gorilla census carried in Uganda in 2011 puts the total number of gorillas living in Bwindi and Mgahinga at 480 and only 13 out of 36 mountain gorilla groups are habituated and ready for tourism. The rest of the gorilla groups are wild and might either charge at or run away when approached by tourists.

The baby gorilla was born on August 21st and discovered the following day by the monitoring officials.
Mountain Gorillas are a major boost to Uganda's tourism industry mainly because they are very rare to come by. Uganda is home to the biggest number of Mountain Gorillas living on Earth and this brings tourists from all around the world to come and see the most human-like of creatures thereby boosting the country's economy.

Gorillas have been classified among endangered species that could become extinct if proper care is not given to them and this new birth is therefore wonderful news to the country and the whole world.