A 30-year old man in Hoima District has invested another missile after several failure attempts.
Mr Anatoli Kiiza, a resident of Kiryangobe village in Kitoba Sub county claims that he has manufactured a missile which he can test if the government authorizes him to do so.

“I have been manufacturing it for the last five years and upgraded it. I still believe this is a tremendous success for me as an individual, Bunyoro, Uganda and Africa as a whole". He told journalist on Friday afternoon.


He called it Sam Missile made in Africa-Uganda. According to him, it can run 450 miles in short time and want to hand it over o President Yoweri Museveni for launching.

Kiiza previously made attempts to fabricate a machine similar to a missile in June 2012 but Police arrested him while he was fabricating what he described as a sub missile in a workshop in Kiryatete suburb in Hoima municipality.

After undergoing interrogation, Kiiza was released without being prosecuted in the courts of law.
He told the media that despite being arrested seven times since 2012, he has never abandoned his desire and believes that government will understand his innovative mission.

Kiiza claimed to have researched on the internet how missiles are made in countries like USA,China and North Korea.

"I have invested more than sh10 million in this project and i want government to trust me hiring experts to find out whether there is substance or not". he said

He said that Uganda can save money which it spends on buying weapons if innovative people like him are supported to manufacture weapons.

Recently, the government spokesperson Mr Ofwono Opondo said all innovators are encouraged to contact area respective authorities such as Chief Administrative Officers, Resident District Commissioners and district chairpersons and MPs who can then link them to the ministry in charge of innovation, science and technology.

Kiiza said he wants to write to Hoima RDC Isaac Kawooya to link him to relevant authorities and the president for launching.

When contacted, RDC said "I don't know him and he has not come to my office. I hear he was arrested and cautioned not to continue with his innovations, Why is he insisting?. Let him come to my office and see if his motives are for public benefit or not". He said in a phone interview on Friday evening.

By Vincent Senyunja.