When we get into relationships, it is with hope that the significant other we have chosen to relate with, will treat us well.

Along the way, when we look at our friend’s relationships, we begin to question our own.

Well, if you are not sure, saddle up, you are about to find out whether you are getting the exact treatment you once longed for.·Reciprocated respect. Does your partner understand the real you. Not the person you pretend to be? They should be into you for the person you are, not who they are trying to make you be.
Or who they think their family would love. Do they appreciate your sense of humor? And not cringe at your fetishes?

Does your partner understand and backs off when you are not up for whatever it is they suggest you do? If they respect you and your relationship, they should value who you are and understand - never challenge – your boundaries..

· Trust.

Do posts from your other friends freak out and annoy your spouse? Do they make him doubt and question your friendship with these people? Or does your spouse keep his cool because he/she know you would never cheat on them? Getting a little bit jealous sometimes is acceptable and only natural, but if they react in a completely violent manner, then that is not a healthy relationship. You can’t be happy in a relationship that has little or no trust in it.