Kibenge hot springs in base camp zone of Kyanjoki ward in central division of Kasese municipality is one of the unique natural and cultural resources that Kasese district and Uganda as a whole is gifted with and proud of.

This hot spring locally known as Ekitagata is said to be having its sources from the invisible banks of Nile waters sources that flows through Semuliki in the mountains of the Rwenzori.

The Kitagata in Kasese attracts over 1000 visitors per week of which some of them are tourists while others for purposes of bathing the hot water to get healed of different disease.

A mushroom is the fleshy spore bearing fruiting body of a fungus, typically produced above the ground. Mushrooms can appear on the top of the soil (epigeous) or below the ground (hypogeous). The most common type of mushrooms is the white mushrooms (Agarious bisporus) these numerous types are edible while others are not, because of being poisonous. Edible mushrooms have no effect on humans and they have a desirable taste and aroma unlike the non-edible ones.

The practice of eating mushrooms started in china way back about hundreds of years. it spreads to Ancient Roma and Greek. Mushrooms are consumed both for nutrition and medicinal value while in some regions they are used for religious purposes for example the hallucinogenic mushrooms. The hallucinogenic mushrooms can be harvested wild or cultivated.

BUSOGA is one of the five renowned constitutionally ancient kingdoms in Uganda. The Kingdom is organised politically, socially and economically just like its sister interacastrian kingdoms.

Geographically Busoga is locared in the eastern part of Uganda covering upto twelve districts which include, Mayuge, Kaliro, Jinja, Iganga, Buyende, Namutumba, Bugiiri, Kamuli, Namayingo Kaliro Luuka and Busiki.
Locally Busoga means "Land of the Soga" with its capital as Bugembe, near Uganda's second-largest city Jinja. Jinja is the driving pivot for industrial and economic activities of Busoga.

Busoga is bordered on the North by Lake Kyoga, on the west by the Victoria Nile (separating it from Buganda), on the south by Lake Victoria (separating it from Tanzania and Kenya) and on the east by the Mpologoma River which separates it from other tribal groups (Bugwere Adhola, Bugisu). and It also includes several islands in Lake Victoria, such as Buvuma Island.