If there is one person enjoying running through the skirts of female singers like lightening that is little known Dembe FM’s Jacob Omutuze.

Not long ago, the presenter of the Namuwongo based station was busy throwing love everywhere especially at upcoming singer Naira Ali.

Omukama of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom Dr Solomon Iguru has challenged the Government to inject more funds in sports activities as one of way encouraging the youth to develop their talents.

Tooro women are known for the beauty, jollyness, attractiveness, soft speaking and easy way they handle themselves and those around them.
Their way of living mostly in relationship has been misinterpreted by others as women who easily give away their bodies.
So many people refer them as the most attractive and intimate when it comes to relationships mostly when sex is involved. They are known to be soft speaking, very calm and very gentle in the way they do or behave around their loved ones.
Truth behind batooro saying ‘omusaija tayangwa’ meaning a man is never rejected.
This has brought up so many mixed feelings and thoughts among other tribes or people in Uganda who mistakenly see Tooro women as simple “easy” prey to lure into sex activities. Some even think they are always sex hungry due to that mis-interpreted saying of “Omusaija Tayangwa”.
After a long time of the saying ‘OMUSAIJA TAYANGWA’ which most tribes twisted and turned into batooro’s slogan, amakuru team decided to find out why people have continued to abuse Tooro women and exactly what is the origin and meaning of that term/word.