In Uganda Coffee (Emwanyi as it is locally termed) is the leading foreign exchange earner. The coffee plant is mainly grown for its berries which are grinded to give a caffeine beverage.

Robusta and Arabica Coffee are mainly grown here in Uganda. Growing cloned Robusta coffee is a highly paying investment and it is now the crop for the young and elderly to resort to if they want good money quickly. Besides growing pretty fast it is high yielding and it has a large bean size.

African print has different names based on where it is from (East or West Africa) like Ankara fashion print that is popular in the west or Kitenges/Chitenjes/ Kikoy/Kangas popular in the East.



It is one of Uganda’s best food delicacies. It is simple to make, cheap yet satisfying. It is a combination of fried eggs and vegetables (raw or cooked like cabbages, tomatoes, onions) rolled or wrapped within a chapatti hence highly nutritious with proteins and fiber.