Color was a magnificent creation. It makes our world lively, motivates, defines and speaks more meaningfully than words. Pink is arguably the most feminine color there is. It is also a color that has been out for a awhile but is now the hottest new color around! So it is time to shine and frolic again in pink.

Since pink is a very versatile color, one you can have anything in pink; pink shoes, pink tops, pink pants, pink coats, pink dresses (make sure the dress is soft, and of a flow-y/float-y material) and skirts and pink accessories. Oh, and pink bags (these match perfectly with whites) too of course.

The greatest thing about this color is that it looks beautiful on anyone. It brings out one's skin tone. If you take a moment to observe, you will notice that celebrities are also embracing this trend. Look at how Nicki Minaj rocks pink! She makes wearing pink look so easy and flawless, that anyone can pull it off.

So, whatever you may decide to add to your wardrobe, do not forget the most important color, pink. Let us have fun with pink and use it to the maximum.

Feet have to be taken care of. One way of doing this is by making certain that your nails are kept clean and neat. A pedicure, given by a professional is the answer. Avoid chipped nail polish with dirt composed underneath your nails. Plan a routine for suitable nail care and be sure to have a pedicure done twice a week. If you have in-growing nails that slash into your flesh, it is important to trim them in time.

Ideally, a proper pedicure begins with soaking in a foot spa for about 30 minutes. The procedure of soaking the feet softens the skin and eases the cutting of the nails. "When the skin is soft, it is easy to scrub. We also use a smoothener. Scrubbing the feet removes the dead skin, especially if the skin (or heel) is cracked." says Hassan Kaggwa, a manicurist/pedicurist who operates from one of the salons in Majestic Plaza.

After cautiously removing the cuticle, the feet are then massaged, to boost blood circulation. After the massage, a lotion is applied to the feet and legs to moisturize them and keep the skin supple. The nails are then cut and filed into the client's preferred shape. Most people usually cut their nails into flat or square shapes.

Made up of five major ethnic groups, the natives of Uganda speak over 30 languages and dialects. Amidst this diversity, Uganda is a nation of solidarity, equal opportunity and tolerance. Culture and tradition continue to be handed down from generation in preservation of Uganda's only-one-of-its-kind heritage.

North, South, East, Central and West all intertwine their distinguishing customs, beliefs and traditions into a wealthy tapestry that creates the diverse national identity which defines the Ugandan culture at the moment.

The country's ethnic evolution can be traced back to the 10th century AD. The Bantu, Uganda's primary inhabitants, are an ethnic and linguistic group with over 130 million people in Africa. They lay down their ancestry in the central and southern parts of the country and constitute half of the population. Among the Bantu tribes are the Baganda, Banyankole, Bagisu, Bakiga, Batooro, Basamia and Baruli among others.